Sage NYC Homestay is a privately owned, family operated residence that offers both long-term and short-term homestay service to international students studying in New York City. We are located in West Brighton, Staten Island NY 10310. Sage NYC Homestay welcomes students from all over the world. 

Year-Round, Best-In- Class Service

Our residence partners with more than 20 prestigious private high schools in New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island). Sage NYC Homestay offer shuttle services to the nearest ferry and bus station that lead to Brooklyn and Manhattan, as well as a shuttle line that runs through the local schools in Staten Island on school days. We have residence assistant that live in the estate to provide all-day supports to the students.

Our experienced, dedicated staffs will provide daily deals to the students. At Sage NYC Homestay, we also celebrate major holidays of the countries our students come from to ensure that they feel welcomed and valued here. We take pride in our students’ cultures and heritages and we dedicate all our efforts in ensuring the students have a successful, fulling study-abroad experience. 


We believe that meals serve a very important role in the well-beings of the students. A proper, well-planned menu not only contribute tobalanced nutrition intakes, but also create an at-home sentiment among our students while they pursue their academic success in a foreign country. In Sage NYC Homestay, we offer two meals on school days (breakfast and dinner) and three meals on weekends and holidays (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). At the residence, we regularly host special events with foods that celebrate major holidays from all over the world. We serve a wide-range selection of foods inspired by different cultures around the world. Our staffs at the residence are able to accommodate students with allergies or vegetable diets.

Shuttle Service

We have two shuttles in the residence that provide transportation service to our students on school days. Drop-offs runs from 6:30am-8:00am while pick-up service starts from 3:00pm and ends at 7:30pm.

To Manhattan:

Students will be dropped at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal where they can take the ferry directly to the city. Dropped-off time is determined by what schools the students are attending to. Pick-ups also start at the ferry station.

To Brooklyn:

Students attending schools in Brooklyn will be dropped off at bus station in Fort Wadworth (Lilly Pond & McClean Ave) From there, students take express bus to various schools in Brooklyn. Dropped-off time is determined by what schools the students are attending to. Pick-ups also start at the same bus station.

Local Staten Island Students:

We have a shuttle line that run through all the schools in Staten Island. Drop-off and pick-up time is determined by the number of local students we have for the year and what schools they attend to.

Airport Pick-ups and Drop-offs:

We offer courtesy rides to and from airport to our students between the hours of 9am to 9pm all week throughout the school year.

Room Choices

Single Rooms

Student will have a private sleeping space in the single room

arrangement. Single rooms are furnished a standard twin-sized bed, writing desk, chair, lamp, and storage space for personal items.

Double Rooms

Student placed in the double rooms is sharing sleeping space with another student with the same gender. Double rooms are furnished with twin-sized beds and storage spaces for personal items. Double rooms are designed for rest only. Students can do

school works in our study-room in the common area.

Large Queen Rooms

Student placed in the large sized rooms will have a queen sized-bed. The room is also furnished with writing desk, chair, lamp, generous storage space and extra area for the comfort of the student.